Waterdown High School

Waterdown High School

The existing pavement at Waterdown High School were deteriorated and in need of replacement.  Investigation of the pavement structure composition revealed that several portions of the parking areas were inadequately constructed for the desired serviceable life expectancy and as a result the pavement rehabilitation strategy for the site was developed to consist of asphalt layer reconstruction, partial depth pavement structure reconstruction and full depth pavement structure reconstruction.

WT prepared the tender drawings and project specifications for the replacement of the asphalt pavements, curb and sidewalk, assisted with the tendering process and provided contract administration and site review of the project work.

Asphalt pavements were replaced throughout the driveways and parking areas with existing granular base removed and replaced with new granular base of appropriate thickness in identified areas. The majority of the concrete curb and sidewalk was replaced and new in-ground garbage bins (Moloks) were installed.

Access was maintained to the on-site daycare facility which remained open and operational throughout the project.


Waterdown, ON

Lead Engineer

Jeff Wright

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Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional Services

Waterdown Hs4
Before - Distressed Concrete
Waterdown Hs1
Post construction - Paved and Painted
Waterdown Hs2
Post construction - Paved and Painted