Food Basics St. Catherines

Food Basics St. Catherines

An assessment of the condition of the asphalt pavement and concrete curb and sidewalks at this retail site in St. Catharines, Ontario was conducted to visually determine their physical condition and make recommendations for repair or replacement as well as provide construction cost estimates for bugeting purposes. The existing pavements were found to have exceeded their serviceable life and were severely distressed with frequent pothole formation resulting in vehicle and pedestrian hazards.  Improvements to the aged and poorly functioning lighting were also requested by the client.  

WT prepared tender drawings and specifications for the replacement of the asphalt throughout the Food Basics and Tim Horton’s parking areas of the site, assisted with the tendering process and provided contract administration and site review for the pavement retrofit with the work being undertaken in several phases to maintain adequate parking and drive through access.


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Jeff Wright

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Beforephoto Stcatharines
Before Photo - St. Catherines
Duringconstruction Stcatharines
During Construction Photo - St. Catherines