Dunnville WWTP Emergency Outfall Repair

Dunnville WWTP Emergency Outfall Repair

WT was contacted by the County following a failure in their outfall line due to the deterioration of the CSP pipe. Our team completed a site review and developed short turnaround design for the replacement of the pipe. Due to the high level of the Grand River, the outfall was flooded up to the point of the failure. We sourced an inflatable pipe plug in order to allow for the pipe installation. We replaced the existing CSP with a new large diameter PVC pipe and made a watertight connection to the upstream and downstream maintenance hole. The work was completed over two days.


Haldimand County, ON

Lead Engineer

Andrew Tulk

Capital Cost





Problem Solving

Link Seal Water Tight Connection To Existing Maintenance Hole
Link-seal water tight connection to existing maintenance hole
During Installation Of 600Mm Diameter PVC Replacement Outfall
During - Installation of 600mm diameter PVC replacement outfall
Final Installation Prior To Backfill
Final installation prior to backfill