Ancaster High School Parking Lot Rehabilitation

Ancaster High School Parking Lot Rehabilitation

The existing pavements at Ancaster High School were deteriorated and in need of replacement. Investigation of the pavement structure composition revealed that several portions of the parking areas were inadequately constructed for the desired serviceable life expectancy and as a result the pavement rehabilitation strategy for the site was developed to consist of asphalt layer reconstruction, partial depth pavement structure reconstruction and full depth pavement structure reconstruction.

This large project has been divided into two main phases. Phase One was completed in summer 2021 with the asphalt pavements of the driveways and parking areas adjacent to the main front entrance area replaced, new concrete curb and sidewalk added and new in-ground garbage bins (EarthBins) were installed.

Traffic circulation improvements were made to the main entrance area by the addition of a traffic island and the large new sidewalk areas improved pedestrian safety.

Phase Two will be undertaken in Summer 2023 and will include the replacement of the deteriorated stormwater infrastructure and the replacement of the remainder of the asphalt pavement and curb and the majority of the sidewalk.

WT has prepared tender drawings and specifications for the replacement of the asphalt pavements throughout the site, designed the stormwater infrastructure replacement and improvements, assisted with the tendering process and provided contract administration and site review of the project work completed in 2021 and will do so for the 2023 project work as well.


Ancaster, Ontario

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Jeff Wright

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